Equipment Support Frames – Design & Supply

We’ve teamed up with Pentair to offer our customers an exciting new service. If you have a requirement to support equipment such as air handling units, generators, piping or walkways particularly on roof tops, send us your requirements and we will, through Pentair, provide a technical drawing and a quote for the necessary components, custom lengths and support feet to construct the frame.

All you then need to do is order the frame as quoted and we will provide all the components, support feet and cut lengths of channel from stock, ready for assembly on site. We can also offer the option of having the frame part assembled for even quicker installation.

Because all the components in the frame are Pentair branded; Pentair will guarantee the design will meet your specification.

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Off Site Service Centre

The popularity of our cutting and assembly service has grown to such an extent that we have now made a significant investment in expanding our facilities and capabilities with the launch of the new ‘Jack Pennington Limited – Off-Site Service Centre’.

Based at our Shipley Headquarters, the ‘Jack Pennington Limited – Off-Site Service Centre’ has an expanded, dedicated area with its own experienced staff. It enjoys instant access to our vast range of products and our fleet of delivery vehicles which cover the whole of the UK. If you have any requirements for cut lengths, frames, brackets or pre packed kits then please contact our experienced team by Contacting Us.

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It's all in the delivery

Our delivery fleet continues to grow to meet our ever expanding delivery area. Our fleet now covers the majority of mainland UK, providing our customers the reassurance that the goods they have ordered will be delivered by the same company they placed the order with.

With three 7.5 ton trucks in our fleet, two with sleeper cab facility, we are able to make more bulk deliveries with our own transport, they also allow us to extend our delivery reach with regular JPL vehicle deliveries being made throughout mainland UK. The rest of our fleet comprises 3.5 ton flat back vehicles giving us logistical flexibility to service our customers on a daily basis. Where deliveries are required outside the range or capacity of our delivery fleet we utilise reputable carriers and hauliers who we’ve dealt with for many years, so they understand our requirements and provide the type of service our customers demand. Whether the deliveries are made with our vehicles or an external carrier, long lengths are catered for, allowing us to offer delivery of anything we have in stock within 24 hours.

Wherever the mainland UK geographical location or whatever our customers delivery requirements we are able to offer a delivery solution!


Our internet store. JPLDirect brings all the history and experience of Jack Pennington Ltd to a much wider range of customers. The internet catalogue gives customers the opportunity to view a large percentage of our extensive product range, view stock availability and purchase goods without the need to open a trade account.  Visit JPLDirect to view the site.



Returnable Packaging Solutions

We are continuously monitoring and looking to minimize our impact on the environment.

As part of this process we have implemented a range of returnable packaging solutions allowing us to significantly reduce unnecessary packaging waste both within our business and to our customers. 

The practicality of these reusable plastic boxes and pallet systems remove the need for outer packaging and plastic wrapping that would traditionally end up in a skip or waste bin and ultimately go to landfill.

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