We’ve teamed up with Pentair to offer our customers an exciting new service. If you have a requirement to support equipment such as air handling units, generators, piping or walkways particularly on roof tops, send us your requirements and we will, through Pentair, provide a technical drawing and a quote for the necessary components, custom lengths and support feet to construct the frame.

All you then need to do is order the frame as quoted and we will provide all the components, support feet and cut lengths of channel from stock, ready for assembly on site. We can also offer the option of having the frame part assembled for even quicker installation.

Because all the components in the frame are Pentair branded; Pentair will guarantee the design will meet your specification.


  • Detailed drawing with fully calculated loadings
  • All channel pre cut to required lengths
  • Components in stock for fast turn around
  • Delivered to site as ready to assembly kit
  • No waste
  • Huge cost and time saving
  Pentair Equipment Support D


Typically the support feet will be Caddy Pyramid ST Fixed Strut Support which provide a number of advantages over its rivals:

  • Higher loads for the size
  • Even load distribution throughout the foot
  • No need for slip sheet to protect the roof membrane
  • Caddy Pyramid supports do not void membrane manufacturer’s warranty
  • Hot dipped galvanised channel for greater durability
  • Caddy Pyramid have a 5 year Pentair warranty
Caddy ST Foot



 If you have a requirement or would like to discuss what we can offer, please contact our internal sales team.