We are continuously monitoring and looking to minimize our impact on the environment.

As part of this process we have implemented a range of returnable packaging solutions allowing us to significantly reduce unnecessary packaging waste both within our business and to our customers. 

The practicality of these reusable plastic boxes and pallet systems remove the need for outer packaging and plastic wrapping that would traditionally end up in a skip or waste bin and ultimately go to landfill.

Working with Loadhog, an award winning Sheffield based packaging solutions company, and sourcing a number of our own solutions, we have a returnable box or pallet system to meet the large percentage of our industries handling and logistics needs.

Jack Pennington Ltd have seen the direct benefit of these systems, having introduced these packaging solutions to our supply chain we have seen a reduction of waste packaging coming into our business which has, along with other measures, helped reduce our waste to landfill.

We would welcome the opportunity to introduce these systems to your business and demonstrate how they would work in our service to you, reduce waste packaging and reduce your costs. If you would like more information or would like to see the solutions please contact your Area Sales Manager or our Customer Service Team. Alternatively contact us by e-mail