Boost Your Project Efficiency with Our Enhanced Cutting and Assembly Services

Our fabrication, assembly and cutting services have been very popular over the years, allowing our customers to concentrate on the installation of products rather than trying to cut channel or assemble frames themselves, often in less than ideal site environment.

To meet this demand, we’ve just installed another bandsaw, doubling our cutting capacity ensuring the large range of precut strut we stock, in profiles 41 x 41 or 41 x 21, plain or slotted are available for next day delivery.

Bandsaw Update

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Technical Supplier Catalogue

Introducing our new Technical Supplier Catalogue. This catalogue is a comprehensive resource for professionals in the electrical, mechanical, and HVAC industries. It features a selection of suppliers known for their quality and reliability. Our aim is to provide you with products that meet stringent safety standards, ensuring your installations are secure and efficient. Explore our catalogue to find the right solutions for your projects, backed by the assurance of branded quality.


Shipley Warehouse Hit By Flood


As you will have seen on the News, there were severe floods affecting large parts of the North of England over the Christmas period. Unfortunately Jack Pennington Ltd’s Shipley Warehouse was hit by the floods on Boxing Day, despite efforts to keep the water at bay.

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Celebrating 40 Years...

Congratulations to our Managing Director, Chris Simpson upon achieving his amazing 40 years work anniversary yesterday. Chris is officially the longest serving employee in the history of Jack Pennington Ltd and under his guidance and with his inspiring enthusiasm he has had an irreplaceable impact on Jack Pennington Ltd, driving it to be the company that it is today. From everyone in the company, we would like to wish Chris a huge thank you and congratulations!

New Lighting Brightens Future

We’ve recently completed an upgrade to the lighting used in our Shipley warehouse, replacing the old high bay lighting with energy efficient LED units. Not only greatly reducing our energy use, they use half the electricity, but also providing a more natural, white light.

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Our JPL Mobile App is Live!

Here at Jack Pennington Ltd, we're delighted to introduce an exciting development that opens up our stock range, pricing and technical information to you using your desktop, smartphone or tablet, allowing you to place orders quickly on which ever platform you’re using. 

With many of our customers working away from a traditional desktop, be it on sites, in stores and on the road, we believe having access to our stock range, technical information and pricing on a mobile device will provide our customer with important information when they need it the most. The ability to place an order when needed, with the option to collect from us will save time and provide assurance that the products you need are available.

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