The popularity of our cutting and assembly service has grown to such an extent that we have now made a significant investment in expanding our facilities and capabilities with the launch of the new ‘Jack Pennington Limited – Off-Site Service Centre’.

Based at our Shipley Headquarters, the ‘Jack Pennington Limited – Off-Site Service Centre’ has an expanded, dedicated area with its own experienced staff. It enjoys instant access to our vast range of products and our fleet of delivery vehicles which cover the whole of the UK. If you have any requirements for cut lengths, frames, brackets or pre packed kits then please contact our experienced team by Contacting Us.


  • Cutting - The new facility has enabled us to hold stock of pre-cut lengths of channel, ready for next day delivery. Channel, studding, conduit and cable tray are among the products that can be pre-cut to any required length.
  • Kits - We can provide a variety of components individually packed in kit form to your specification, ideal for jobs where there is a lot of repetition.
  • Modules - 3D Module assembled to your specific requirements, with or without containment.
  • Pre-Assembled frames and Brackets - Single and multiple drop trapeze brackets, with or without installed studs and pipe clips, H Frames, phenolic blocks complete with pipe clips, conduit and wire suspension configurations. If you have any requirements please contact us. We will provide a detailed quote and accurate delivery date so you can have confidence in your planning.

Features and Benefits

  • Efficiency - Reduce the time spent on site cutting channel, studding, etc, or assembling brackets and pipe clips. The pre-assembled frames can be delivered when required for immediate installation, reducing the amount of time required on site.
  • Value for Money - Because we cut channel in bulk, with the help of mechanical handling and in a clean clutter free environment, our cost per cut should be considerably less than would be the case on site using your highly skilled operatives.
  • Space - Make more efficient use of space on site by removing the need to have an area designated for cutting and assembling.
  • Waste - Eradicate excess off cuts of channel, studs and reduce the amount of packaging to be disposed of, you only need to order what you require.
  • Quality Control and product consistency - Increase the consistency in the quality of the bracket assemblies by having them assembled in a quality controlled, environment and by being assured that each bracket is thoroughly checked before being despatched.
  • Identification - Identification of our products is made easy as each product is labelled, either by size, or with own specified reference.
  • Health and safety - Reduce the health and safety risks associated with cutting, and having excess waste on site.
  • Cost - Reduce costs by removing the need for hot work permits,cutting labour time and the decreasing the amount of waste.