Jack Pennington Ltd introduces an essential addition to its range of PPE and Workwear, the “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) sticker for Safety Helmets. This product is ideal for any organisation that has the need to strengthen its existing on site safety procedures.

The product gives on site medical staff instant access to the person’s potential life saving information and enables emergency contacts to be quickly notified. It is an essential safety product for work sites with large numbers and frequent staff rotation or turnover. 

The Safety Sticker is made from 3M reflective material and is 100% waterproof and fully secure with a security flap to protect workers information. It will not in any way weaken or damage the safety helmet and can be easily fitted to the exterior of each workers helmet. Most people want two things if they are involved in a serious accident or medical emergency at their workplace, fast medical assistance along with the knowledge that their family will be notified immediately.

The Safety Helmet Sticker is the ideal product that will give both individuals and employers the peace of mind when working on large sites. 


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