A recent addition to our extensive PPE range, the TraffiGlove range of hand protection uses a 3 colour traffic light system to easily identify the correct cut protection level choice. Each colour cut level offers a range of gloves to suit most applications and requirements. At a glance you and your team will know what a particular type of glove is for, and if they offer the right degree of protection. 

Type Description


  • Red - Lowest Cut Protection, Cut Level 1
  • A range of excellent quality gloves made from nylon and polycotton threads
  • Quality coatings providing protection against wet and dry surfaces
  • Ideal for: General product handling, construction trades, warehouse work, assembly lines and wherever general protection is needed




  • Amber - Medium Cut Protection, Cut Level 3
  • Premium gloves made from high performance, cut resistance threads bended with nylon and other quality fibres for abrasion resistance and comfort
  • A range of gloves providing excellent comfort, real dexterity, quality and value 
  • Ideal for: Second fix construction trades, mechanical and electrical trades, steel fixing, material handling, assembly lines and wherever quality and mid range protection is required




  • Green - Highest Cut Protection, Cut Level 5
  • The best in protection. Made from blends of high performance cut resistance threads and technical fibres
  • Outstanding levels of comfort and dexterity
  • Different types of coating choice, providing the right glove for any task.
  • Ideal for: Cladding trades, sheet metal with cut edges, swarf and metal work environments, recycling trades and wherever safety is paramount against the unknown


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