Added into our stock profile to compliment the range of PVC Sleeving this sleeving has been developed to meet the current requirements for a low smoke, halogen free product. The compound meets the requirements of DIN/VDE 0207 and BS6724.This sleeving should be used for protecting wire and cables to keep potential smoke and fume emissions to a minimum.


Key Product Characteristics:

  • Operating Temperature          -25 to 90 deg C
  • Density                                 1.48
  • Tensile strength                    15 MPa  IEC 60811-1-1
  • Elongation at break                163%   IEC 60811-1-1
  • Vertical Burn test                   pass      UL 1581
  • Smoke Density                      pass      ASTM E-662
  • Oxygen Index                       37%     ISO 4589-2

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