Most of our products require some form of installation so we provide the tools to do the job. From our extensive range of Bosch power tools to all the hand tools you need to fill your toolbox the tools we stock are of the highest quality, designed for professionals. With the emphasis on speedy installation the quality things such drill bits and blades is important, which is why we stock the big name brands. 

The following list gives you an idea of the tools we stock: 

  • Bosch power tools - cordless & corded drills, grinders, jigsaws & circular saws
  • Drill bits - for masonary & steel
  • Holesaws
  • Blades - jigsaws, hacksaws
  • Cutting & grinding discs
  • Site lighting
  • Sockets & spanners
  • Pliers & cutters
  • Screwdrivers
  • Vices & Clamps
  • Measuring tapes & rules
  • Hammers & chisels
  • Saws & knives
  • Files
  • Tool boxes

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