Big Foot Systems are designed to support everything that is installed on a flat roof. This creates a safe and secure support for all air conditioning and refrigeration roof plant and associated services. The growth in single ply roofing membranes has driven the need for free standing roofing support systems. Big Foot Systems have continued to improve the product range and technical support to meet the challenges of modern Construction techniques. View our range of Bigfoot supports.The H Frame Set is a quick, versatile and economical solution for supporting pipework, ductwork, cable trays or any combination of these. We can also provide you with the strut and brackets, keeping the duct and pipe installations low cost and totally flexible by allowing fabrication of the frameworks on-site. Or take advantage of our cutting and/or assembly service.


Using inserts, the feet adapt to accommodate 41mm x 41mm off-the-shelf unistrut. The majority of installations require 305mm H Frames but where a greater load spread is required450mm H Frames are also available.


Download the Bigfoot H Frame PDF Information Sheet.

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