Walraven manufactures a wide range of installation materials, with the focus on fixing systems, fire protection systems RapidRail Fixing Railand other products associated with the Building Services industry. Since its foundation the family owned company has expanded into an international business, with its own sales and production companies. Their products and know-how have been renowned for top quality. As stockists of Walraven for over 15 years, our staff have an excellent knowledge of the products that Walraven offer. Download our JPL / Walraven flyer for information on some of the products we can offer.

 Pipe Clamps

Jack Pennington’s range of Walraven pipe clamps is extensive and we stock a clamp for every customer requirement whether you need a 2S clamp with a dual boss or a heavy duty clamp either lined or unlined to suit any application. There is also the BISMAT® Flash which is a quick locking clamp which gives customers an innovative option if required; customers will find that Jack Pennington Ltd will have an answer for every application.

2S Clamp  

•    Two-screw clamp
•    Screws secured with anti-loss washer
•    Also available with dual boss M8/M10
•    Material: steel
•    Zinc plated
•    Noise insulating lining, EPDM rubber, black
•    Lining resistant to ageing
•    Noise insulation according to DIN 4109 

BISMAT® Flash  
  •    Single screw clamp
•    With BISMAT® Flash quick locking system
•    Clamp easy to close with one hand
•    The locking screw can be secured without the use of tools
•    Material: steel
•    Tested for fire safety
•    Zinc plated
•    Noise insulating lining, EPDM rubber, black
•    Lining resistant to ageing
•    Noise insulation tested according to DIN 4109
Heavy Duty Clamps  
  •    Two-part clamp with two locking bolts
•    Up to and including 5”: locking nut is captive, hidden in plastic holder
•    Heavy design
•    Screws secured with anti-loss washer
•    CO2-welded
•    Material: steel
•    Zinc plated
•    Also available: noise insulating lining of silicone rubber, heat resistant up to 200°C
•    Tested for fire safety
Phenolic Block  
  •    Insulation rings
•    Foil Covering
•    Metal spreader plate above 40 NB
•    Available in standard thickness: 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50mm, others available on request
•    Made in accordance with ISO 9001 approval

RapidRail® Fixing System

The RapidRail® system consists of various rail profiles and has an extensive range of accessories to go with it. The accessories are pre-assembled and delivered ‘ready-to-use’ to site. RapidRail® is so easy to use; it’s possible to save up to 40% in fixing time, which fits in with Jack Pennington Ltd’s range of innovative products designed to save the customer time.

RapidRail® Fixing Rail    
  •    C-profile
•    For a quick and easy fixing
•    With continuous perforation
•    Distance between rail end and first hole is always equal
•    Unique perforation on rail WM15 and rail WM30 allows for hanging on both sides
•    A continuous graduated centimetre scale on one side
•    Material: pre-galvanized steel 
RapidRail® Slide Nut   RapidRail® Hammerfix
  •    Ready to use pre-assembled for quick fixing
•    Various accessories for pipe fixing and rail connection
•    All parts are zinc plated

Fire Protection

Jack Pennington Ltd can now offer a simple and cost-effective choice to fire protection. Until recently it was difficult to realise fire prevention in your projects in accordance with the present BS standards, in a practical manner. You could choose between two possibilities: to contract out the work to a specialised company or to train your own employees to install fire prevention in accordance with the standards. You can now effortlessly ensure a fire compartment complies with the new British regulations, saving time and money.

Pacifyre® MK II  
  •    Fire, smoke and sound barrier
•    Fire resistant for 240 minutes
•    Easy to install
•    Wide range of applications
•    Conforms to BS standard 


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